Steven Carrington bloggt

Und wo er recht hat, hat er recht:

The rain is beating down on the windshield and though it’s only 6:30 PM it has already been dark for hours. I call my wife and crow into the phone that I’m done, I’m coming home, and I can’t wait to take it easy for several days.

„The first Heroes script has arrived,“ she tells me.

„Oh, no, already?“ I whine. „I need some down time. I’m exhausted. „Take a look and tell me how much I’m in it.“

After an interminable pause, she says, „I don’t see you in the script at all. I don’t think you’re in the first episode.“

„What?! How can I not be in the first episode?! It’s the season premiere! What do you mean I’m not in it?! Look again!“

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is an actor in a nutshell. The only person who complains more than an unemployed actor, is an employed actor.

Jack Coleman hat jetzt sein eigenes Blog bei Television Without Pity. Ich bin zwar Heroes-technisch nicht wirklich up to date, aber wenn er weiter so schreibt, ist das Ding auch für Nicht-Aficionados lesenswert.

(Mir gefiel Al Corley aber trotzdem besser.)

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